#Vision2020 – Help us Raise £300,000

We have exciting plans for 2020!  Watch our video here which will show how we are looking to expand our building to facilitate our growth as a church. We want to transform our local community by having a building that better serves our church ministries, making more space for our children’s work and be more welcoming for our many visitors.

Please prayerfully consider what you can give towards this project.  You can give online here or by marked envelope #vision2020.

Could you offer help in other ways?  Do you have practical skills such as brickwork, electrical, painting and decorating?  Do you have spare time to give in general help to realise this building project?  Then please get in touch!  Email office@newliferugby.com

Please look out for our regular updates shown below the video.

Sunday 3rd November will be our next Vision Offering and your opportunity to give to the Building Fund. This will allow us to press on and develop the back hall area. We have a very exciting plan which will give us more teaching space, a whole new play and general purpose area, a kitchen and eating area and – not to forget –  an outdoor garden.

The overall cost to do this is £600,000 – so far we have raised around £200,000. So we have made a great start but we need to raise more.

Please therefore pray for the Vision Offering on the 3rd of November. Ask God to bless the offering and to challenge each one of us as to what we are to give to allow the facility to be developed.

On Saturday 15th June, a team of people from the church gather to a big clean up of the church and car parks in preparation for future works.  Thank you to everyone who came out to help!

Today Nick and Paul started to demolish an old brick built storage cupboard in the corner of the ‘warehouse’ that used to be used for the the old car repair workshop.  It’s very old, very dirty and very oily – lots of dust and spiders.  Once demolished, it will clear the space for us to start building our own storage ‘corridor’ for the church, which will also be the first stage of building works.  There is still lot’s of fundraising needed to facilitate all the planned works!

On Saturday 13th April a team of volunteers from the church started to clear and tidy up the  ‘no mans area’ to prepare for the first part of the building phase which will be to build some storage space for tables, chairs and other equipment.  They all worked hard to transform the disorganised mess(!) to a clear and organised space – well done to all that came out to help!