House Groups

We are a community of God’s people rather than simply a Sunday morning congregation. One way we seek to foster a sense of community is by providing opportunity for everyone in the church to be a part of a house group.  There are three main house groups in the church: one in the south of Rugby, one in the centre and one in the north of the town.

There are three main emphases to our house groups:

  • Upwards: to strengthen people in their relationship with God
  • Inwards: to provide discipling relationships within the church and to give opportunity for fellowship and sharing
  • Outwards: to help home group members, where they live, to pray for and reach out to the people in their local communities

The house groups meet in school term times, on a mid-week evening, barring the first week of every month when we have a joint prayer meeting for everyone in the church. The meetings provide opportunity for:

  • Fellowship as people chat informally over a cup of tea and coffee
  • Prayer: sharing needs and praying for one another
  • Worship: sometimes evenings can be given over to worshipping God and waiting on him
  • Discussing some aspect of teaching from the Bible. For example, two years ago we looked at the Prayer Course established by Holy Trinity Brompton/24/7 Prayer initiative and will soon look at the Talking Jesus series from Hope.

Our house group leaders watch out for and provide pastoral care for everyone in the groups, including those who cannot attend the meetings due to family or work commitments. Moreover, the house groups usually do one social event a month, in place of a mid-week meeting, which can be a Saturday brunch, a Saturday morning walk, a ‘bring and share’ Sunday lunch in someone’s home etc. These social times enable whole families to participate in the home groups and to enjoy fellowship. Such times are also great opportunities for outreach as we invite neighbours and friends from the local community to participate.

You do not have to be a member of New Life Church to join a house group. If you come to visit the church, you are more than welcome to come to a house group. It can be a great way of getting to know people in the church. Whether you are a member of the church or just visiting, if you are not in a house group and would like to join one, please contact  Ewen Robertson.