We believe healthy things grow!

We want our church to be vibrant, dynamic and bearing fruit of all kinds as we work for God’s Kingdom.  You may be looking for a new church, have recently become a christian or maybe you don’t know Jesus yet and are just trying to find out more.  Whatever your current situation, we are ready to welcome you into New Life Church Rugby and look forward to you becoming an integrated, serving, passionate member of the family!

Welcome Course

We run a short Welcome Course a number of times each year for people who are interested in joining New Life Church Rugby.  The course consists of 3 sessions that cover our vision as a church, our beliefs, our activities and how you can become a member.  There is plenty of opportunity to chat with our leaders and ask any questions you may have.  If you are interested in attending the next Welcome Course, please drop an email to our office to find out when the next course is running –


Once you have completed our Welcome Course, we would invite you to chat with one of our elders to discuss whether you want to come into membership of New Life Church.  We don’t see membership as a ‘contract’ but more of a relationship commitment to each other.  We often welcome new members publicly at a Sunday morning service asking the church to pray for you.


Once you’ve become a member of New Life Church, we would very much encourage you to start getting involved with some church activities and serving on some teams.  There is so much to get involved with, but our page on ministries is great place to start if you want some ideas!  Click here for more…