Lynne Carter

Lynne is originally from Wigan in Lancashire and was educated at university in Yorkshire.  She became a christian in 1986 while attending Church House (which later became Abundant Life Centre) and found her life quite dramatically changed as she began to know Jesus.  Moving to Rugby in 1992, she married Stuart and attended a church in Coventry which then planted the Rugby congregation.  Lynne has been involved in children’s work since that time.

“The children in the church here are just starting their journey along the road to finding God for themselves. It is such a privilege to be able to work with them and see them soak up information like sponges. They are our future teachers, politicians, doctors, supermarket assistants, gardeners, etc. and we, as a team, are enabling them to be able to spread the word of God to their friends, extended family and future work mates. They are our future, and we have the honour of working with them as children.”

Lynne has 3 children, late teens and early 20’s children, and has been teaching for more than 30 years and is a senior teacher, managing the post 16 department in a local special school.